Debaters Not Worth 20¢

CHS Debate Club c 1965I posted pictures of a mad feeding frenzy after the Girardot yearbook had gone to press and the photos in it were made available for purchase. When I was going through a box of prints the other night, I found this one of what I assume to be the Debate Club. It had the price of 20 cents written on the back of it.

Despite the people clamoring for photos in the other post, apparently nobody thought we were worth two thin dimes, so I ended up with it.

I think I have figured out who all the players are. Back row, l to r, Chuck Dockins, Ken Steinhoff, Bill East, Jane McKeown, Mike Seabaugh, Debby Young and Shari Stiver.

Front row, l to r, Pat Sommers, Joni Tickel, Vicky Roth and Sally Wright. Click on the photo to make it larger.

6 Replies to “Debaters Not Worth 20¢”

  1. Great shot..I bid 11 cents… so Brune doesn’t get it cheap. I liked Joni Sue too…PPat always got the good gropes!

  2. Michael Seabaugh,
    I think I remember talking to Joni Sue’s dad in Denver in 1972 when I was returning from overseas. He referred me to a restaurant in Bolder where she worked.

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