View from the 200 Block

Mount Moriah Missionary Baptist Church 04-02-2014I saw Tim Kincaid from Edgewater Glass doing some work on what is now the Mount Moriah Missionary Church and decided to pull into the parking lot. I got a quick look inside the church and had good intentions of going back to shoot the interior, but that will have to wait until the next trip to Cape.

It looks like Boyd Hobbs, who painted the church steeple in 1967, needs to come back to put on a new coat.

Common Pleas Courthouse

Common Pleas Courthouse and 200 block of Broadway 04-02-2014It’s early enough in the spring that there was a clear view of the Common Pleas Courthouse. When I photographed the 200 block of Broadway in the late 1960s, it was full of buildings, including the Boy Scout office. It’s all green space these days.

Lots of decks

House on Bellvue StreetI had never had a clear view of this house on Bellvue before. That’s quite a collection of decks and tree houses. It’s in the vicinity of Civil War Fort A overlooking the Mississippi River. Click on the photos to make them larger.


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  1. Glad to know the building is a Church again. The last time I was in the building it was an antique shop.
    As far as the 200 block of Broadway green space, I remember going between the buildings to go into the Boy Scout Office with a side entrance. I think we had to go there to pick up badges, I can’t remember. I know we could buy our uniforms and merit badge books at Buckner-Ragsdale.

  2. My Father Dick Ray was the Boy Scout Executive for the SEMO Council from 1961 to 1968 so I remember the building well. The Chamber of Commerce office faced the street, the Boy Scout Office was in the middle and the Girl Scout Office was in the rear. You could walk from one end of the building to the other without going outside. I have many fond memories of that building.
    In 1967 it was decided to sell the horses at Camp Lewellan. I recall sitting in my Dad’s office when the bookeeper reported she had lost the check which payment for the twelve horses and tack. It was eventually located of course but I felt so sorry for her.

    1. I “earned” my Horsemanship merit badge at Camp Lewallen. It was my least-deserved award. I think I did everything wrong except putting the saddle on backwards and upside down.

      The horses, I’m sure, were happy to see me go. (The only good thing for them was that I probably weighed 87 pounds back then.)

  3. That church was at one time the First General Baptist church. I attended there my entire childhood life. Baptized there by Rev. Elvis Wilson. I would LOVE to go through that building again. My Grandmother used to quilt every Thursday morning there with all the sweet elderly ladies of the church.

  4. I have very fond memories of that old church. My brothers and sisters and I used to play in and around the church while my dad cleaned. I can still picture my grandparents in the third pew on the right side of the sanctuary. I have one of the original pews that sat on the front platform in front of the choir loft!

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