The Riley Treehouse

Before it got cold and while the whole West Palm Beach Clan was in town, we stopped by Wife Lila’s sister’s house for some good backyard cookin’. Don and Marty Riley have a much-climbed tree in their backyard that they turned into a really cool treehouse.

I saw in Internet definition: “Tree houses, treehouses, or tree forts, are platforms or buildings constructed around, next to or among the trunk or branches of one or more mature trees while above ground level. Tree houses can be used for recreation, work space, habitation, observation or as temporary retreats.”

Sure sounds right to me.

Treehouse photo gallery

This is a cut above the treehouse I built in the side lot walnut tree when I was about ten. It was a platform only about three by three 30 feet up in the air. Even I had enough sense not to get out on the end of it, and that’s when I weighed about 28 pounds. Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side to move through the gallery. That’s Grandson Malcolm, by the way, on the swing. He gave it his approval.


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  1. John and John David Perry gave it some much much needed steps a few years ago, that was their contribution to the treehouse!

    1. I knew the two Johns had to have a piece of the action. Those guys never saw a piece of wood that didn’t need a nail nor any nail that didn’t call for a hammer.

      They did good work.

  2. Way Cool!….I love tree houses, but down here in Florida it is a little hard to get a tree house in a palm tree. That is great maple tree the house is in, perfect for climbing and tree houses!
    I do have plans to build a “He Man Woman Haters Club” with a large tent covering on top of the new garage I am building at the house. Yes, I know the neighbors will hate me. Almost a tree house, but most certainly a retreat for cigar smoking, card playing and other mannly diversions.
    Thanks for sharing and the next time I am in Cape, Don Riley get ready for a visit!

  3. Way cool tree house!! And from the photos I can see that you climbed way up there Ken. I am impressed. My brother Mark and I made us a “tree house” once. I use the term tree house loosely. We had no wood or tools so we used blankets. And it wasn’t in our yard, it was in a neighbor’s yard. I’m sure they appreciated the “curb view” of their yard 🙂 There is another “falling out of a tree” story that goes with this memory but I will save that for a possible blog post. I think I spent almost as much time up in the trees as I did on the ground in those childhood days…such a safe place.

  4. Wow! Our tree house is famous! That maple tree was planted the year our first son was born. This is the second treehouse in it. The first was “kid built” and
    not nearly as fancy, but just as much fun. The second one was adult kids built with a little help from Uncle John and John david. I think you should publish the photo of Lila in it 🙂

    1. I’m glad you saw it. I was going to wait a couple of days and then draw your attention to it. This was a test. (OK, who tipped you off?)

      BTW, if you see some strange guy in an Aloha shirt approaching the gate, let the dogs out. Terry Hopkins said he might stop by to inspect the edifice the next time he hits town.

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