The Indomitable Redbud Tree

A quick-moving windstorm last summer split an aging redbud tree in the back yard and laid it low. Since it stayed green until winter, and it was popular with visiting deer, I decided to wait until spring to cut it up.

Much to my surprise, even though it’s barely holding onto the stump by a thread, it bloomed out like crazy. One at the side of the house next to the porch did a great job of catching the late afternoon sun. You can click on it to make it larger.

Tulips and The Witch

Spring is my favorite time of the year. It’s a time of rebirth and promise, while the flashier Fall is fleeting and brings with it cold weather, dark days and bare trees.

I had a pleasant surprise when I walked outside the other morning. The front planter was alive with red and yellow tulips. I’d like to take credit for them, but it’s obvious from all the dead grass from last summer that I had nothing to do with their success.

The Witch in the Window is a symbol of my self-quarantine. (OK, so I put it up at Halloween a year ago and never took it down, but the thought is there.)

3 Replies to “The Indomitable Redbud Tree”

  1. I’d say that the redbud tree being on it’s side will make it hard to mow around this year, but then I guess you’ll wait till fall and harvest the grass into bales?

    1. I’m counting on the deer to eat the grass. I mowed the front yard and hauled off about 2/3 of the walnut logs down to a gully in the back yard. I’ll hold off mowing the clover in the back yard until the bees get through with it.

  2. Beautiful! The red buds are my favorite. They are the first to show their beauty in the spring. And those tulips! Gorgeous. Signs of your mother still living, a reminder of her joy of living.

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