Sunset Over the Mississippi

Thebes sunset over Mississippi River 03-28-2016I took a grab shot passing through Future City the other night. (If you don’t know where that is, hang on a couple of days.) When I started writing a post on it this afternoon, I ran across some interesting information that needed more than one photo to break up the type.

I looked at the time, checked for when sunset was going to be, and realized there was just enough time to saddle up, drive 30 miles, shoot some new photos and get to Shemwell’s Barbecue for some good catfish before they closed. (If you know where Shemwell’s is, then you probably know where Future City is.)

On the way home, just as I rounded the bend to where Hwy 3 parallels the Mississippi River on the north end of Thebes, the sun dipped below the horizon, leaving this view behind. If you click on the photo to make it larger, you’ll notice a tiny white dot of light in the middle of the shadows on the far bank. That might be coming from The Riverhouse (or, maybe not).


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  1. Great spot on the river….a little north of Future city for sure. The Frog City Bar was in Future city for many years…the bad folk used to hang out there in the 60’s.

  2. Light might be from the houses that are built above and to the right of the Riverhouse…there is a gated subdivision there….what views they must have!!

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