Cuba? No, Cairo. The Illinois One

Cairo car 03-28-2016My tummy was growling for the catfish dinner at Shemwell’s Barbecue in Cairo, and it was a race between which was going to come first: closing time at the restaurant or sunset. Maybe it was all the Cuba coverage with photos of vintage cars on the street that made me unusually car-aware, but suddenly I had to go around the block to take a second look at this guy parked next to a long-closed gas station.

It would have been nice to show more of the car, but there was a John boat parked alongside it that blocked most of it. Click on the photos to make them larger.

What is it?

Cairo car 03-28-2016When it comes to cars, I have a tenuous grip on my man card. Other guys could sit around for hours talking about their car’s innards: stuff about cubic inches, horsepower, turbo this and glass-packed that.

I only needed to know two things: (A) Will it get me there? and, (B) Will it get me back?

(A), in fact, was the more important to a news photographer. If I accomplished (A) and got the photo, then there was always somebody who would retrieve me (or, at least, retrieve the film).

What are we looking at?

Cairo car 03-28-2016I’m sure somebody will tell me more than I ever wanted to know about this vehicle.

Digging deep into my automotive knowledge, I’m pretty sure it ain’t gonna get me there.

A bonus point for anyone who can look at the gas station and tell what brand they sold.

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  1. Mark Simmons you are a winner! The next town over is Oldsmar, Florida named for the same Mr. Ransom E. Olds as in Oldsmobile. These two doors we sold often times as Business coupe for the traveling business man.My guess on the service station is Gulf and second guess is Cities Service.

  2. As for the make and model of the car, the information will be more than you may have wanted to know. I believe it to be a 1946 Oldsmobile — one of 119,388 built for the model year. There were VERY minor differences between 1946 and 1947 (trim on side of front fender.) The part of the emblem on the front of the hood that read “Oldsmobile” was made of Lucite (plastic) and probably fell off years ago. The cost of the club coupe was $1,108 for those buyers that were lucky enough to “score” ANY new car right after the war!

    1. Standard is the most likely, but an early paint scheme with two red stripes low on the building, other variants included; two red stripes high, and one wide stripe high.
      Cities Service was one better with three green stripes low, and Gulf had three blue stripes low or one wide blue stripe.

  3. Either I simply much younger or should get to the ophthalmologist for a vision exam. I thought it was a large eagle with its beak opened wide.

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