Stoddard County Skies

Stoddard County scenics 09-23-2014We’re used to seeing big clouds of smoke out west in the farming areas of Florida when the sugar growers burn off their cane fields prior to harvesting. They burn off the “trash” – the leaves – leaving behind the stalks from which cane sugar is extracted. The fires blaze hot enough that the Civil Defense director (old term, I know) said they would sometimes get a call from NORAD because a burning cane field satellite signature looked like a missile launch. “Just what ARE you guys doing out there?”

Anyway, Tuesday must have been the day for SE Missouri farms to burn off their fields AFTER harvesting. I spotted as many as five different fires going at one time on our way to and around Advance. Unfortunately, there just wasn’t any shoulder to pull off on to capture the best fires.

Good news and bad news

Stoddard County scenics 09-23-2014A farmer near Greenbriar said this has been a good year for crops. The beans and corn are doing exceptionally well. That’s the good news.

The bad new is that EVERYBODY’S crops are doing well, and it’s driving down the prices.

This bean field was just south of Advance.

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  1. When we passed the grain elevator near Dudley the other day, we saw trucks dumping their grain on the ground to be covered with a tarp. Obviously, there isn’t enough storage space in the elevators. I can remember when my husband brought a load of beans back home, because they were paying less than it cost to grow it. He fed it to the hogs.
    If a farmer doesn’t have his own storage facilities, he’s at the mercy of the markets. And to have his own storage, he has to be a big farmer. The small farmers don’t have a chance.
    It takes MONEY to farm!

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