Steve Mosley on His Throne

Steve Mosley Cape Public Library 08-09-2013You might know Steve Mosley several different ways.

  • His mother, Jean Bell Mosley, was a local author. He showed up in the background of a photo I took of her in 1967.
  • He was a member of Central High School Class of 1962.
  • He retired from teaching high school social studies in 2010.
  • In 2004, The Missourian ran a story where Steve proclaimed himself the “King of Speakout,” because he said he had more than 18,000 Speakout comments published in the last 20 years.
  • If you are one of his 4,719 Facebook friends, you’ll know him for his daily poll of current events designed to whip his fans on the left and right into a name-calling frenzy.

The lime green throne

He makes frequent reference to the “lime green throne” he occupies on a daily basis at Cape’s Public Library. He was distressed one day to see it occupied by a non-Mosley. On another, he posted a picture of his wife sitting on the throne and claimed he had been “overthrown.”

I took Mother into the library when I was back home so she could get some real help learning how to load library books onto her iPad. That’s when I spotted Steve on The Throne.

Steve counted on his trusty bodyguard in the background and a strong force field generator in the foreground to protect him and his throne, but he never realized just how vulnerable he was.

Had this been a real coup instead of a drill, there would have been a new seat on the throne.

3 Replies to “Steve Mosley on His Throne”

  1. I am not surprised Steve has 4719 facebook friends. My Classmate is a scholar, athlete and all around good guy.

  2. Jean Bell Mosley’s book ‘Wide Meadows’is a favorite of mine. Written in 1960, it’s a memoir of her childhood and I highly recommend it.

  3. It looks more like…”Baby Poo Yellow” but it he thinks it Lime green go for it!

    I will have to make a pilgrimage to the library the next trip to see it…and Steve on the THRONE.

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