Scott City Mill

Scott City Mill 11-08-2013_0217Mother and I were cruising around seeing what we could see when we got off Hwy 61 at Scott City and headed into town. I spotted this old mill on Main Street just east of I-55 and figured I’d knock off a few photos of it. I hadn’t been there long when a woman in an SUV pulled up and wanted to know what I was up to.

When I told her who I was and what I was doing, she said that her husband owned the place and that they had some signs stolen off the building recently, so they were keeping a close eye on it. “They weren’t even OLD signs,” she said.”

Owned by the Caubles

Scott City Mill 11-08-2013_0250When I asked her if she knew anything about the history of the place, she said her husband, Jim Cauble, might be able to help me, and gave me his phone number.

“Was he any relation to George Cauble? He and I were friends in high school.”

“That was his uncle.” We both commented that it was a shame that George was taken from us so early. He was a great guy.

I blasted out of town before I called Jim for details, so you folks familiar with Scott City are going to have to fill in the blanks.

The mill from the air

Scott City I-55 Interchange under construction 1960sHere’s a photo of the mill and the I-55 interchange from the air in the middle 60s. I wrote in a 2010 blog about how much having the Interstate completed made getting to St. Louis and Memphis faster and safer.

Scott City Mill Photo Gallery

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the sides to move through the gallery. Comments and memories appreciated.


7 Replies to “Scott City Mill”

  1. Cannot ever think of Scott City and that intersection without thinking of Steve Goodwin and fatal crash he had at that place. Nice shots, by the way, and good shot of the cigars finally. Exproducto was big brand in the 60’s and 70’s don’t see them much any more.

  2. Good catch Magnum PU Hopkins.

    However, as further proof of your waning investigative and observational skills – you misspelled that fine cheap cigar’s name.

    My dad used to smoke El Producto’s, but later moved up and became a “Dutch Master Man”.

    PS: love your new “double chin Tattoo”!

  3. Oh by the way MPU…. Cape police could use your help identifying and apprehending a dangerous burglar that is terrorizing the city.

    They’ve nicknamed him the “#2 Burglar” because his routine is breaking into laundromats to steal quarters out of the machines, and he always leaves “a steaming pile of DNA” as his trademark.

    please help us Magnum!!

  4. Okay Brune, two points off for spelling errors…and I will be in town in two weeks. The first thing I am doing is testing YOUR DNA. After that I should be able to tie up the case in day or two after the lab test come back…
    El Producto was good honest cheap cigar with mild taste and usually left a good long ash.

  5. Hi Ken,
    Jim Cauble is my cousin. His Mom was my Grandpa’s younger sister.
    Just wondering if you gave Jim a copy of your pictures or if he gets the 60’s Tiger Newsletter so that he can see the neat article that you wrote about his grist mill.
    He’s actually the President of the Cape Girardeau ( P&G )Credit Union. His office on Centre Drive in Cape in case you might not know this and need to get with him again some time.
    I CAN’T BELIEVE THE MILES YOU DRIVE. It’s amazing. So nice you can take your mom with you and then go home to your lovely wife and grandchildren.
    I liked the picture of her with the yellow flower in her hair. Very sweet little grandsons too.
    Looking forward to your pictures again next week.

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