Plaza Galleria Reduced to Rubble

Plaza Galleria razing 06-27-2013

I wonder if the plants managed to escape? Remember the piece I did on the plants that were trapped in the Plaza Galleria when the place shut down? They were the things of which bad dreams are made.

These look like the shrubs outside the building, not the orphans from inside.

Been empty since 2005

Plaza Galleria razing 06-27-2013The 56,000-square-foot building had been empty (except for screaming plants) since 2005.

6 Replies to “Plaza Galleria Reduced to Rubble”

  1. There goes part of my life history. I went to work at the Kroger store there in the spring of 1973 and stayed through the change to Kroger-Savon before moving on to the home/car audio business with Audio Village in 1977. I helped fight the flood in March 1977 when the water of Walker Creek rose 10″ on the front doors of the building.

  2. It was such a unique structure–I hate that it couldn’t be made to work in this day and age. When the Fantastics moved out, I guess that was the end.
    As for your story about the screaming plants–Who could forget that?? I’m sure your Pulitzer is in the mail….
    Hey, I have a better idea–“Under the Dome: Cape Girardeau Style”! Go for it, Ken! You have all the gruesome photos!

  3. Well another one bites the dust! Kroger was a BIG deal when they came to Cape and now only the dust remains. There is probably a lesson in there…but the sun is shining, it is 92 degrees here now at noon, and the pool is calling my name.
    I will drop by there, when in Cape,see it and wonder…did the plants have anything to do with the buildings demise?

  4. Going way back, 1962 – 66, while I went to SEMO I worked for my Dad’s “Parisian Cleaners” at the NE corner of this big lot. At the time it was an auto graveyard. Looks like it has come full circle!

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