Pictures, Just Pictures

Think of this is kind of a visual palette cleanser after several days of serious posts about things that are important to me that are going away.

These are pictures for the sake of pictures. They are an oddball collection of things that don’t really fit in with anything I was working on. It started out as a bunch of doors and windows, but found other things sneaking in.

Gallery of the Nothing Special

Click on any photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side to move through the gallery.

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  1. I believe I recognize the water street apartment although I cannot be 100% positive. I worked as a legal secretary in that apartment for Bradshaw Smith when he was Prosecuting Attorney for Cape Girardeau County in the late 70’s. Our offices were to the front with Brad’s office occuping the space behind the large window. It was in this office that a fellow secretary and I learned how to hang plants from a suspended ceiling then kept them alive with leftover coffee, coke, etc. Amazing how well those plants loved the caffeine.
    I so much appreciate the scenes you share with us as I have been to Cape only twice in the past 5 years, each time was a one day trip without time to take a “gander” at the changes. One change you mentioned that tugs at my heart is the Bloomfield Road change. That was one of the most beautiful drives in the area and contained many memories for me. I will be said indeed to see the changes made.
    Thank you again for your service.

  2. These are beautiful pictures and I especially appreciated the brief descriptions. I love old barns, old houses, old buildings . . . must be a sign that I am getting old-er.

  3. Cool Pics! I recognize #6 as the front door to the former Brinkopf – Howell Funeral Home. My great-uncle Heinrich (Heiny/Henry depending on whether you were a family member or not) Grossheider ran the business for years.

  4. Very nice Ken! Odds-n-ends pictures are my favorites.
    Love Charleston for the wrought iron, DC for the columns and Wisconsin for barns & woodpiles.

  5. Just returned from a trip and tried to take some art shots for a 2012 calendar. I wish I had seen this before I left; there are some good ideas here to steal.

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