Marty at Lake Worth Street Painting Festival

For the fourth year in a row, Cape Girardeau artist Marty Perry Riley (CHS class of 68) was convinced to leave the snow, sleet and rain of the Midwest to come to Lake Worth, FL, to participate in the Lake Worth Street Painting Festival February 26-27.

Largest of its kind in the U.S.

The organizers claim the festival is the largest of its kind in the United States. About 400 artists come to South Florida to create masterpieces on blacktop with chalk. The streets become an art gallery for two days, then are wiped out by traffic on Monday.

Commissioned by Dedicated IT

She was commissioned by her nephew, Adam Steinhoff, to produce the art for his company, DedicatedIT, a computer networking company that provides managed services for businesses in South Florida.

Lion theme

Marty chose a lion theme for this year’s drawing. Last year she drew irises.

Crowds enjoy watching artists

Thousands of spectators wander the streets watching the artists, listening to music and sampling foods of every type. It was a perfect Florida February weekend.

Thanks to Wife Lila, Son Matt and Sis-in-Law Marty for the photos. I was on a bike ride on Lake Okeechobee where I saw more gators per mile than any time in years while the festival was going on.

15 Replies to “Marty at Lake Worth Street Painting Festival”

  1. nice, but do you have any pictures from the class of 1969? If so could you post them thank you Jim Halter class of 69

    1. Jim,

      Sorry to disappoint you young whippersnappers from the Class of 1969, but I left Cape in the fall of 1967. Except for trips back to town, I have very little after that time, until the last few years.

  2. I remember Marty from grade school. One of the 4 Marthas in our class. She was always a sweet heart but I didn’t realize how talented she was

  3. She is very talented and the street scene with all the paintings is awesome. Would love to come see that sometime. I am so in awe of artists because I can’t even draw a good stick figure! Thanks for sharing. Where exactly is Lake Worth? Sounds very familiar to me….

  4. Marty,
    I had no idea you are so talented. Yes I remember you and Martha Hamilton from grade school. Most of all, you both had fantastic smiles. Keep up the great work.

  5. Marty,

    Awesome Art! You are so talented….Great job on the Lion……….don’t you just love South Florida? I miss it a lot…….Keep expressing yourself.
    peggy reid childers

  6. Wow! We hit the floor running when we got home and today was the first chance to check the computer. What a surprise! The responses from everyone are such a boost! Good to hear from friends I haven’t seen in years. Marty

    1. That’s why you need to get in the habit of dropping in every day.

      I get lazy or busy sometimes, but still manage to post something at least five days a week when I’m not on the road.

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