Trail of Tears Swimming

Trail of Tears State Park c 1966Now that I’m back in Florida, I expect the weather to be warm everywhere. From the looks of the forecasted Cape lows for the next week, I might be rushing these photos.

The negative sleeve said Trail of Tears 1966, so I’m going to assume it’s right. I don’t recall seeing this many people at the lake, but it might have been a really hot day. Most of the bathing suits are pretty conservative by today’s standards, but I did spot a couple that probably caused the phone lines to burn up the next day. “Did you SEE what Mabel was wearing? Or, almost NOT wearing. It was scandalous. Wonder where she bought it?”

Photo gallery of warmer days

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  1. I was probably there. And probably in one of those scandalous 2 piece bikinis. I am going to check out these photos carefully. Remember when it was announced that Lake Boutin was unsafe for swimming? Bummer for sure.

  2. Also, where on earth were you standing when you took the first photo. It looks like you were suspended in the air! Good one.I notice the couple in the center of the photo (in the water) appear to be looking straight at the camera. I also notice a woman in the top left corner leaving with her children. Probably didn’t want them to be scarred for life by the Cape teens at the beach.jk

    1. I thought you knew that we photographers can walk on water. It was probably shot with a 200mm telephoto. I might have even had a doubler that would increase that to almost 400mm.

  3. I love these! Blast from the past! I like the lady sticking her head in the umbrella, too…interesting shot!

  4. I just stumbled on these amazing pictures and I would like very much to know where exactly was this place within the park. Is the water in the pictures part of the Mississippi River, or Boutin Lake? I hope someone still monitors this blog.
    In either case, anyone knows how far back this swimming spot goes in time?
    Thank you.

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