Stalking the Wild Persimmon

You know that Mother is a big fan of the persimmons growing at Tower Rock, but she keeps her eyes open for other ones, too. Right after I shot the photo of the rennovated dam at Trail of Tears State Park’s Lake Boutin, we cruised through the lake’s parking lot.

I had just about made the circle when I slammed on the brakes and put the car in whoa-back. For once I had spotted something before my co-pilot.

This tree had already dropped its leaves, leaving its fruit shining like miniature pumpkins against bright blue sky. The ground was orange with fallen persimmons. I gathered up a handful and took them to Mother for a rating. She said they weren’t bad, but that they didn’t compare to the Tower Rock ones.

Sleeting in Cape

I’m hearing reports that it’s sleeting around Cape this evening. Mother flew into St. Louis from visiting Brother David’s family in Tulsa over Thanksgiving. She said she made it back to Cape with only a few sprinkles on the windshield. I imagine she has a fire in the fireplace and her electric blanket turned on.

I guess I’d better run one more fall picture before folks get the gloomy gray day blahs.

7 Replies to “Stalking the Wild Persimmon”

  1. Any Paw Paws? We had a secret Paw Paw tree at home and it was, is, my favorite non tropical fruit. Persimmons are a close second. Your picture makes me drool in remembrance.

  2. Well these do look pretty good and they do taste like no other fruit I have sampled, so far. I would like to have couple now, but Florida just does not seem to have them…Lemon’s and Oranges yes, but Persimmons no.
    I am going up to Cape around Christmas so maybe I can still get a few for this year. I did smaple the Tower Rocks ones this year and they are, as you and your mother say very tasty!

  3. Ken, I have two persimmon trees on our acreage here in Fruitland. You are more than welcome to ALL of them next fall. I have never eaten one for fear I would get that persimmon “pucker”! I did pick up a few this fall. My finger went through a very ripe one and I decided to lick the pumpkin-looking fruit off my finger and it tasted great! I took the small amount up to my house and put them on the counter to eat for lunch and by that time, they were covered with gnats. I ended up throwing them out for the birds. Next fall, I’ll try to remember to contact you and you can have all you want.

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