Proud Boy, Big Catfish

Seems like there has been a rash of fishing photos turning up lately. Y’all have gotten pretty good at identifying people, so I’ll post this proud fisherman with a sizable catfish.

Without any concrete evidence, it has the feel of the Capaha Park Lagoon to it. The only clue I have is that the negative sleeve was dated June 24, 1967.

Anybody want to take a stab to put a name on the boy (or the catfish) and nail down the location? I flashed on another fisherman, but it’s not any of these guys. Here’s another example of Capaha Park fisherboys.

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    1. I guess the consensus is that Leroy was finally caught. There’s nothing to say, though, that he wasn’t tossed back after the photo was taken.

      Can you imagine how big he would be today? I suspect Burt’s doughball wasn’t the ONLY one he took over the years.

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