If Freckles Were Nickels…

If freckles were nickles, this would be the richest kid in Cape. I don’t know his name or when it was taken, but I think it was shot at Capaha Park. (Click on the pix to make them larger.)

DANGER! Thin Ice

In fact, it might have been taken in December 1967 or January 1968 when I shot this photo of the Capaha Park Lagoon iced over. Here’s another photo of the lagoon and daring – or foolish – strollers.

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  1. I think I have told this story before but around my Senior year at Central, my cousin and I were skating on the Capaha lagoon. After several days of freezing weather the lagoon was safe to skate but that day it warmed up rather quickly. The ice started breaking up in the center and we quickly started skating off the lagoon. One of our classmates was slower to get off the ice and was caught on the lagoon. I grabbed her hand and pulled her off the lagoon on to safe ground. She always called me her hero for saving her. I guess I should have been honest at the time and told her at that part of the lagoon it was probably only 2 feet deep at most!

  2. The young lad in the picture is almost assuredly Stephen Bodine (CHS ’73). He grew up in a house next to the Rose Garden, facing Parkview Drive. He had an older brother, Mark, if I remember correctly. Neither of them remained in the Cape area.

    I just thought of one other possibility; the lad could also possibly be Clyde Trickey, (CHS ’77?).

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