It’s Still Winter

Snow on Kingsway Dr 02-09-2016Don’t let those warm days fool you. Winter still has a few tricks up her sleeve. I went to bed uncharacteristically early Monday night because I didn’t want to start a fire to take the chill off the basement where I work. I woke up around 3 in the morning craving a snack and saw that it was spitting snow. When I went to bed around 4, it was coming down pretty hard and blowing across the street.

This was the view outside my car windshield this morning. (Florida Friends, you can click on the photos to make them larger. They will NOT radiate cold through your computer monitor, so it’s OK.)

A look to my left

Snow on Kingsway Dr 02-09-2016My jacket and stocking cap were in the back seat, though, so I punched the button that should have opened the sliding side door. No luck. I guess enough ice had formed to make the door think there was some kind of obstruction and it wouldn’t play nicely until the van warmed up a bit.

I let the motor run for a few minutes to let it and my heated seat chase the cold away. My side windows were fairly clean.

And, a look to the right

Snow on Kingsway Dr 02-09-2016The yellow 1977 Datsun pickup truck is still in the driveway. We sold it to a young couple who are going to fix it and drive it around Cape, but they are busy closing on a new house. I told them they could leave it here until they had a driveway of their own to park it in.

It’s funny how many people use that as a landmark when giving directions.

I see the forecast for Wednesday night calls for a 22% chance of snow. I hope it gets cold enough to freeze the ground. I need to order another load of firewood.

4 Replies to “It’s Still Winter”

  1. bruneTimeObservation: Looks like you are sleeping in the car – if that’s the view you woke up to Dr Steinholf?? If you Florida snowbirds can’t stand a little heartland MOissery stay down there swatting the Rotto-virus Mosquitos. Just\sayin.

  2. I had a great day in Florida, a little nippy here, in the 50’s in the evening but great sweatshirt weather. Marched in the FAT Tuesday Mardi Gras Parade in Dunedin last night. Perhaps Mr. Steinhoff or even Brune, for that matter, could share all the Tuesday night parade festivities and pictures from the Cape events.

  3. It was nice when we drove through the bootheel on our way to Texas last week. I even took a break for a 2 hour bike ride to Blytheville. We thought about you as we passed Cairo, remembering that good tour you gave us in 2010.

    There has been some excellent bicycling weather down here between San Antonio and Houston. Just thought I’d mention it. We understand there is considerable snow back home.

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