Fire Station No. 4 Missing

Mary Steinhoff Kingsway DrWhen I looked at this old Polaroid photo of Mother, I thought there was something odd about it. Then it dawned on me: it was taken before Fire Station No. 4 was built at the corner of Kingsway Drive and Kurre Lane.

(If you wonder how I knew it was a Polaroid, look at the brown, irregular stain at the bottom right of the photo. This was one of the early generation cameras where you had to peel the photo off the roll, then coat it with a sticky, sharp-smelling chemical which would, invariably, get all over your fingers. The fix or whatever it was never applied evenly, so the picture had streaks, and if you missed a place, you’d get this brown stain.

Neighborhood from the air

Kingsway Drive with Cape LaCroix Creek at top 1966Here’s an aerial photo taken at about this same time. I published it and some other pictures back in 2010, and it got lots of comments that are worth reading. There’s a more recent aerial here.

Click on the photos to make them larger.

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  1. ken, I hit your red button and ordered some books from Amazon, received them Monday, all went well. Not a big order, but will use it again in the future.

  2. When you first posted the aerial photo, I missed my opportunity to comment about something that is seen; the old Cape Girardeau Northern Railway roadbed. If one follows the line of the old Jackson Road from the upper right to Kingshighway, one will see that line crosses Kingshighway. That line skirted the west side of the hill just to the south and crossed the Hawthorn (now Clippard) School grounds. Hawthorn Drive follows the old road bed, which then crossed the Arena Park grounds, Kingshighway once more. Many of you may remember the tracks passed by on the south side of the Country Store.

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