Ducking My Responsibilities

DuckYa’ll are a tough audience. If I skip a day, I’m sure to hear from Mother who wants to know why I’m “slacking off.”

Now, it’s Friend Shari that’s taking me to task, although a bit more diplomatically: “So, does the appearance of the short blogs mean you’re packing to head to Cape?  When are you leaving?”

The answer is “Yes.” I’m trying to scan and print a bunch of photos from my Ohio years to show to the Athens County Historical Society and Museum in Athens, Ohio. The game plan is to leave West Palm Beach on January 20, stop in Athens for a couple of days, then head on over to Cape until the first week of March.

The duck? Your guess is as good as mine. It was on the same roll as the cute cat. There’s a good reason why nobody has seen it in almost half a century. You can click on it to make it larger.


3 Replies to “Ducking My Responsibilities”

  1. Duck, Duck Goose! and you are not a slacker. I know what slacking is, I am pretty good at it myself too. I will let you know when you are slacking!
    I too will be visiting Cape in late January and early Feburuary.

  2. Cape is my hometown, but I have lived in Ohio two different times in my life. One of the things I noticed driving around rural Ohio is the custom of
    having a plaster duck ( or two ) on the front porch
    and dressing up the household duck with a rain coat
    when it’s a wet day, or a straw hat when it’s sunny,
    or even a Santa Claus hat around Christmas time.
    Haven’t seen that anywhere else …

    Trivia question for fun( Is this too easy ? ) – If a patron orders ‘horseshoes’ in a bar and grill in central Illinois, what does the waiter bring ?
    Never heard this in Cape …

  3. Timothy, Timothy, it is probably a goose you have been seeing. My mother at her retirement facility always comments that their goose has more clothes outfits than she does.

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