Palate Cleanser Photos

Capaha Park 04-02-2014I shoot a lot of random stuff that isn’t quite enough for a whole story. When I was working at The Athens Messenger, we’d post pictures like that on The Wall of Desperation, to bail us out when the well was dry and the monster in the pressroom still needed feeding.

I haven’t reached that point yet, since I still have some fresh Cape stories in the bag, but I thought I’d run these random scenics as a palate cleanser.

Random photo gallery

Click on a photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to look at a sunset over Lake Okeechobee; a falling-down building in Capps, Florida; cattle grazing in Cape County, ducks at Capaha Park and springtime in North County Park.

Ducking My Responsibilities

DuckYa’ll are a tough audience. If I skip a day, I’m sure to hear from Mother who wants to know why I’m “slacking off.”

Now, it’s Friend Shari that’s taking me to task, although a bit more diplomatically: “So, does the appearance of the short blogs mean you’re packing to head to Cape?  When are you leaving?”

The answer is “Yes.” I’m trying to scan and print a bunch of photos from my Ohio years to show to the Athens County Historical Society and Museum in Athens, Ohio. The game plan is to leave West Palm Beach on January 20, stop in Athens for a couple of days, then head on over to Cape until the first week of March.

The duck? Your guess is as good as mine. It was on the same roll as the cute cat. There’s a good reason why nobody has seen it in almost half a century. You can click on it to make it larger.


Lake Boutin Repairs

It looks like the $250,000 project to repair Trail of Tears State Park’s Lake Boutin dam may be wrapping up. An August 27, 2012, Missourian story said the work had been delayed by the drought.

This panorama is made up of four frames joined together. Click on it to make it larger.

Waterfowl approve

These guys may like the dam, but they weren’t too happy with me. Once I got to a certain point, they would walk away from me at the same speed as my approach. When I stopped, they’d stop. When I started walking back to the car, they followed me back.