Doc Jordan and Friends

Doc Jordan and Friends 08-29-2015_0357The lights were burning late at the Cape Girardeau County History Center in Jackson Saturday night. Doc Jordan and Friends were having an old-fashioned pickin’.

Harry Chapin done well

Doc Jordan and Friends 08-29-2015_0366Friends this evening with Doc – Steve Jordan – were Pastor Stan Hargess, Dr. Hugh Tewis, Terry Wright, Barney Hartline and Carla Jordan.

Doc and Wife Carla teamed up to sing Mr. Tanner in a way that would have made Harry Chapin proud.

A toe-tappin’ crowd

Doc Jordan and Friends 08-29-2015_0336Some combination of players show up monthly. The next pickin’ will be at the history center from 7 to 9 on Saturday, October 17. A handbill says to “bring your banjo, guitar, mandolin, dulcimer, bass, or just pull up a chair to sing along or listen.”

A couple who didn’t know about the event saw the lights, heard the music and were made to feel welcome.

Other pickin’ pix

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  1. A thoroughly enjoyable evening! So sorry we won’t have this “treat” in September. Looking forward to the October session.

  2. I saw Harry Chapin live on November 3, 1976, at Houck Stadium. I used my key to the field house to go in early and meet him, not backstage, but in a locker room. Seemed like a nice person to me. Gone too soon at age 38.

  3. Hi Ken, I was wondering if you knew a Cape Central graduate from the early 1970’s named Jeff Schultz. I used to work with him at Landgraf lumber company on Independence and have trying to find him for several years. Do you or any of the readers know how to contact him? I would appreciate any help you can give.

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