Country Club Golf Course

Here’s an aerial photo of the Cape Country Club golf course taken April 17, 2011. With the early spring temperatures, the grass may be greener than it was last year. Click on the photo to make it larger.

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  1. Between 1900 and 1920 Cape achieved a growth spurt unequalled in the town’s history with the population rising from 4,000 to 20,000 (allowing for the increase in SEMO student population, geographic growth and the number of doctos with supporting staff, the population remains at about this level today).

    The below link describes some of the reasons behind the creaation of the CGCC.

  2. Ken,
    I remember caddying at the Country Club, when it had sand greens. I may add, very hard work. They had a caddy shack just down to the right off the first tee, but I would never go in it. I would sit on the patio and wait for a caddying job, nobody complained.

  3. The course looks good despite the grass being thin and balding in a lot of areas around. Hard to maintain a golf course. What with all the resources needed to run it. No wonder it is not a cheap sport.

  4. Fred Lynch at the Missourian has done a real public service in publishing many of Fronebarger’s photos on his blog at over the last four years.

    The photo in the link belw not only shows the sand greens, but is one of the few shots of the beloved original clubhouse.

    In addition to the caddy shack, there was a separate proshop to the north of the main building – off limits to those in swim trunks.

    If anyone has photos of “The Hill” or the old high dive, please post them.

    Jim Pierce, are you related to Bob Pierce, famed lifeguard and swimming instructor?

    1. Fred Lynch, librarian Sharon Sanders (following in the footsteps of Judy Crow) and The Missourian deserve a lot of credit for preserving the region’s past.

      Most newspapers don’t do that. That’s the reason I’ve always taken my stuff with me when I’ve job-hopped and it’s the reason I’m talking with the Special Collections folks at SEMO to take it when I’m gone. I looked at the fine print: I can’t take it with me when I go on that final ride.

      [Editor’s note: I misspelled Sharon’s name as “Sands” in my original comment. First thing this morning, I felt a smack across the forehead. Judy Crow must have reached out from The Great Beyond to point out my error. Sorry, Judy. Sorry, Sharon SANDERS. I’ve corrected the error.]

  5. Heard a lot about the Country Club growing up but mostly about the carts being stolen and ridden around on the greens. My economic status back then and the fact that the Country Club revolved around golf (whatever that was) kept me from ever having any real interest in going out there and nosing around. The adjacent I.R. Kelso bird sanctuary and Twin Trees Park were where I ended up’

  6. Ken,
    No, I am not related to Bob Pierce. I knew him slightly. I believe he was a state represenative, and later was on the Public Service Commission. I do recall him being shot in the back, by someone who was never caught. Do you have any information on this?

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