MV Mississippi at Dusk

MV Mississippi 08-14-2015The U.S. Corps of Engineers Motor Vessel Mississippi was docked at the Cape Girardeau riverfront August 14 and 15. I thought it might be neater to see it at dusk than daylight, so I went Friday night.

It was a perfect night, with the temps in the middle 70s for a change. Throngs of people crawled all over the boat, billed as the largest diesel towboat built in the United States. To save myself a bunch of typing, I’ll just give you a link to The MV Mississippi’s website.

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MV Mississippi photo gallery

Enough about old stuff. Here’s what I shot of The Mississippi just as the sun was going down. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use the arrows to move around.

2 Replies to “MV Mississippi at Dusk”

  1. Thank you so much once again Ken for wonderful shots. So happy you chose to go in the evening, the views are gorgeous. I am sitting here wishing that my dad, who worked the river boats for many years, could see this beauty. So sorry that your precious mother has missed it also. October won’t be the same this year without the lady you made us all fall in love with.
    Blessings to your family,
    Pat Nothdurft Nichols

    1. Pat,

      It’s an impressive boat. Almost TOO impressive. I wondered how much time was spent working and how much was spent “showing the flag.”

      You’re right. Birthday Season in October is going to be quite a bit different this year.

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