Butterflies Flutter By

Bees and Butterflies 08-08-2013The butterfly bush (I think that’s what it’s called) out in Mother’s front yard was a clutter of flutter with butterflies and bees this week.

Tattered butterfly

Bees and Butterflies 08-08-2013I felt sorry for this guy. He (or she) has been around the block and is the worse for wear. I know exactly how he (or she) feels.

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6 Replies to “Butterflies Flutter By”

  1. Sure looks like a butterfly bush. Ours is white and HUGE. I didn’t get it cut back in January and it is way overgrown. We even had hummingbirds checking out our blooms.

  2. I does seem to be an active summer this year in Cape. I noticed a humming bird in the back yard yesterday at my dad’s house on Oak Hills Drive. The butterfly looks like he has had a good life, well lived with the scars to prove it!

    1. Mother put out her hummingbird feeders last week. It didn’t take long for the birds to find them.

      I thought there was a humming bird working over this bush, but when he slowed down enough for me to get a good look, I discovered he was the Daddy of All Bumblebees.

  3. The tattered butterfly looks like a Zebra Swallowtail (white with black markings), while the other in the pictures looks like a Tiger Swallowtail (yellow with black markings).

    1. My insect identification skills are limited. I divide insects into several classes: Stinging, Biting, Eats-My-House, Splatters on My Windsheld, and All Others That Don’t Bother Me.

      Butterflies and their ilk fall into the latter category (unless I’m driving and they come into my path).

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