Bunny Bread and Smokey Bear

Bunny Bread ShirtI was mining a few more nuggets from the photos shot by James D. McKeown III and provided by his son, Steven McKeown, this afternoon. The shots of “Stevie” – I assume that’s a early edition of my Reader Steven – in his Bunny Bread shirt reminded me of the piece I had done on what my family called the Used Bread Store.

Kid Matt had one when he was a boy, and he insisted that his Grandmother find one for Grandkid Malcolm (science fair winner, did I mention that?).

Three icons in one photo

Bunny Bread Shirt“Stevie” has the trifecta of icons in this photo: his Bunny Bread shirt, a Smokey Bear (NOT Smokey the Bear) and a sailor cap. The only thing that would more a product of the era would have been a Davey Crockett coonskin cap.

The end of the picnic

Bunny Bread ShirtI tried to see what they had, but there’s not enough left to tell. Looks like a few Cokes were consumed. The bottle on the table has an Ann Page logo, but I can’t make out the rest of the label. There aren’t any flies buzzing around, which is unusual for Missouri.

Typical Cape street

Bunny Bread ShirtI wonder how much bigger the trees in the background have grown?

I’ll dip into the stash a few more times. He has some interesting photos of a bad windstorm that blew through the Independence area of town, damaging some landmark buildings. There are also vintage pictures taken at KFVS and of Scouting activities.



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  1. This photo was taken in one of the CG homes in which we lived, this one on South Independence St., when we attended Lorimier School. Classmate Marilyn Maevers lived nearby and another classmate, Becky Lang, her brother, and parents (who owned Lang Jewelers) lived next door.

  2. When I came back and forth from my parents house in Indiana to attend SEMO State in Cape in the late 60’s, I always passed the Bunny Bread bakery in Anna, Illinois. You could smell the bread from the ovens for several miles before and after you passed by the bakery. I never saw any rabbits though, go figure.

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