1963 BSA Wish List

The Boy Scout Catalogue of Official Uniforms and Equipment was probably the second-most thumbed-through “wish book” that arrived in the mail. The Sears catalog (I prefer that spelling) was in first place, if only because of the lingerie ads.

This 1963 spring and summer version had items that you could buy in Cape, Hayti, Sikeston, Poplar Bluff, Perryville, Dexter and Kennett.

I’m going through boxes of Scout material to get ready for a Scout Month exhibit at the Cape Girardeau County History Center in Jackson in February. If I donate all the stuff I have, there will be a lot more room in the house.

Official Scout paraphernalia

Thumb through this gallery of goodies. Click on any image to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move around.

To be honest, a lot of these items were poorly-made junk that didn’t hold up, or that performed poorly. That didn’t keep us from buying them, though.

Shameless plug

Since we’re getting into the gift-giving seasons, you might consider a copy of my Smelterville:  A Community of Love book. I just received another 50 copies from the printer. You could also consider photos I turned into regional postcards.

Follow this link to find out where you can get your copies. They make a fine gift for folks who grew up in Cape before floods in 1973 and 1993 washed away the community. (PS. Ignore the mention of an edition. I stopped updating the number over the years. The ones in the link are the latest.)

5 Replies to “1963 BSA Wish List”

    1. I’m too lazy to try to sell it. I’m going to donate most of it to the Cape Girardeau County History Center.

      I was disappointed to learn that the box of Cub and Boy Scout uniforms I have are no longer “uniform,” and probably wouldn’t be eligible to wear.

  1. Page 3 Brass-case Flashlight. I think this was the most coveted thing in the entire catalog. Everyone who ever camped had a flashlight, but if you had one of these in your possession you could walk with some swagger.

  2. I was hopefully looking at this article for 1963 BSA motorcycle stuff, but to my surprise it is about Boy Scouts! I early got Boy’s Life one a month and loved the stories and adventures in the magazine. I did have the shorts with, high socks and garters to hold them up. As I dimly recall you folded over the socks they tucked under the fold with tassel that stuck out and you always placed it on the outside of the leg. Funny I have not thought about that in years!

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