Turkeys Get Their Gobble On

Wild Turkeys 08-31-2014I was cruising along a rural Southern Ohio road right at twilight when I noticed movement off to the left. More than a dozen wild turkeys were meandering through a field. They were strutting like they owned the place until one of them noticed my interest. That’s when they got their gobble on and wandered off like a marching band at the end of half time. (Click on the photo to make it larger.)

Turkey Day is coming

Carving turkey 11-25-2010They should know from the Christmas music playing in stores that Thanksgiving is coming up. They’d better maintain a low profile if they don’t want to end up as TDay dinner like this bird did in 2010 at Adam and Carly’s.


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  1. We never saw deer or turkeys in my youth and if we ever did it was Very big deal, Now there Turkeys on the side of the road all the time and deer in everyone’s back yard in Missouri all the time. What gives with all this animal appearances? I think we need a longer hunting season. that was traffic will not be held up while Mr. Steinhoff is taking snap shoots along the road and stopping or slowing us down, least for the people with things to do and places to go.

  2. In 1969 i was teaching, coaching and driving a school bus. A flock of turkey crossed the road in front of the bus and we waited for them to cross, watching the seldom seen birds.
    Now they come into our backyard in large flocks, some times a Tom with hens and sometimes just Jakes. There are rather common in our neighborhood. It is the same with deer.

  3. Well, I hate to be a dissenting opinion, but I live in the hills of Crowley’s Ridge near Advance, and we’ve had flocks of turkeys on our land since we moved here in ’75–but I have not seen ANY of them in more than a year. The little hen who raised chicks in the gully beside my lane–gone. All of them–gone.
    I’d sure like to know what’s happening and if the stories about an increase in the bobcat population are true.

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