Mary Protect Us

Shrine on Hwy 61 between St. Mary and Ste. Genevieve 10-28-2014I’m not big on religious shrines and the like, but I’ve always liked seeing this one on the west side of Highway 61 between Ste. Genevieve and St. Mary. It, like some of the other landmarks along the road, signaled that I’ve survived the big city of St. Louis and I’m getting closer to home.

I just “drove” about 60 miles using Google Streetview to confirm the actual location of the shrine without seeing it. I’ll have to let someone else tell me exactly where it is.

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  1. I always found the Catholic prayer signs reassuring back in the old days, when we drove the old highways through the hills.
    And, unlike many critics, I love the churches and cathedrals with the ornate embellishments and statues of the saints.
    I also wish that our Protestant faith had prayer beads, similar to the rosary. In times of trouble, I think it would be comforting to hold such a item in my hands.
    Religious trappings are beautiful and symbolic, no matter what the religion.

  2. It has been some time since I have been on Highway 61 but I believe this sign is just north of St Mary’s on the right side of the highway when you are heading south.

  3. That location is about where I remember a monastery about 50 – 60 years ago. The shrine might have been connected to it. When driving from St. Louis to Cape, one could stop there and purchase from the monks something my mother wanted — I cannot remember whether they sold jams, hams, fryers or what but we bought something once or twice. I also remember one conversation several adults in the family had about whether the men living there were true monks or impersonators. Does anyone recall what order of monks it might have been and are they still there?

  4. That shrine serves a good purpose, blessing the unlucky drivers coming and going to Cape on that god awful route 61. Narrow, dark, and curvy, that is how I remember route 61.

    1. Tim, I’ve been driving Hwy 61 either up or back to St. Louis for several trips lately and have found it enjoyable. The road is wider than in the old days, grades have been reduced and most of the truck traffic has bled off to I-55.

      I usually hop on or off at Bloomsdale, north of Ste. Gen.

  5. We always stopped and eat dinner at Kohler city restaurant which had the best open face roast beef sandwich,and if we had time we would go into the country store there. They had everything. From Wooden legs to what every you could think of. I think even wooden teeth.

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