I Love Mangoes and Avocados

We’ve got two mango trees in our yard in West Palm Beach. Some years we have had so many that I had to dig holes to bury over-ripe ones that fall.

That makes it very painful to pay a buck or more for small ones in the Cape grocery stores. Fortunately, when I went on my Fourth of July strawberry soda quest, I found mangoes and avocados on sale for close to a reasonable price.

I didn’t realize I was going photograph this for a blog post, so I made the mistake of cutting the prettiest mango first.

How do I peel a mango?

Unfortunately, it has been do long since I’ve peeled a mango that I couldn’t quite remember the most efficient way of doing it.

Fortunately, Wife Lila is an expert, and she explained exactly how to get to the good part of the mango without cutting yourself or taking a bath in the juice.

Click on the photo to be taken to her blog where she’ll explain everything in simple enough terms that even I did a passable job on my first try.

Old Windmill Funland

Site of Old Windmill Drive-In 05-02-2014_4396

There’s another empty lot in Cape Girardeau: a building that was set on fire by a disgruntled employee in November 2011 was finally torn down this February. It was located at 1707 North Mount Auburn Road, near the intersection with North Kingshighway.

We oldtimers remember that area as the site of the Windmill Drive-In or the Windmill Funland. We used to go down the hill from Kingsway Drive for ice-cold watermelon. I don’t remember much about Funland, which featured childrens’ rides, go-kart track, go-cart rentals and a miniature golf course.

Fred Lynch’s blog has the windmill in the background of a Frony photo.