Old Windmill Funland

Site of Old Windmill Drive-In 05-02-2014_4396

There’s another empty lot in Cape Girardeau: a building that was set on fire by a disgruntled employee in November 2011 was finally torn down this February. It was located at 1707 North Mount Auburn Road, near the intersection with North Kingshighway.

We oldtimers remember that area as the site of the Windmill Drive-In or the Windmill Funland. We used to go down the hill from Kingsway Drive for ice-cold watermelon. I don’t remember much about Funland, which featured childrens’ rides, go-kart track, go-cart rentals and a miniature golf course.

Fred Lynch’s blog has the windmill in the background of a Frony photo.

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  1. I remember a Windmill Drive-in between Cape and Jackson that in the late 40’s showed free [old] movies that could be seen from the parking lot….Is that the place?

  2. I remember the Windmill and drive-in. Joe Metje’s Father Walt used to take us there. eat watermelons on a picnic table and spit the seeds on the ground. Also Later he bought a go-kart for Joe. we went there many a time and rode it. That was the good old days. They had it soaped up and then it was hard to keep it on the track there. we then started going to the air port and riding it on one of the old runways.

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