Woodland Inn Hotel & Restaurant

Woodland Inn 11-07-2013_0110My hunger alarm started going off while we were roaming around Bollinger County shooting Veterans Day photos and the artesian well. Mother said she remembered eating at the Woodland Inn Hotel and Restaurant on the main drag of what used to be called Lutesville, but became Marble hill in 1985.

Flowers (plastic) in the window, salt and pepper shakers at the ready and a rack of sweetener were positive signs. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

The Woodland is closed and for sale

Woodland Inn 11-07-2013_0136Unfortunately, the next thing I saw was a For Sale sign in the front door. It was closed, and not just for the day.

I ran across a real estate ad that had some information about the property. It was built in 1942 (and appears from the outside to be in good shape).

It is an 11,000-square foot building. 5000 of it is a steak house with buffet serving breakfast that seats 140. Upstairs is about 6000 sq that has 18 rooms to rent as a motel. It has been just remodelled. Building and business all for one price. Great for family investment or family operations. Equipment for a full service restaurant breakfast, lunch, and dinner including a buffet. Motel was recently built and has brand new furnishings.

 Marble is the County Seat in Bollinger County. The business is the only Hotel/Steak House in town and is located in the center of the downtown area.

[If you end up buying the place because you saw it here, tell the real estate agent I want a cut of the commission.]

Good catfish and pie

Woodland Inn 11-07-2013_0139We ended up at a restaurant on the Marble Hill side of Crooked Creek next to the city park. I can’t think of the name of it, but it had excellent catfish and pie worth saving space for.


Signs and Superstitions

Wreck Hwy 51 near Lutesville 07-07-1967This motorcycle wreck on Hwy 51 near Lutesville in July 1967 didn’t make the paper. It might have been because the wreck was at the edge of our circulation area or it might have been that the wreck wasn’t all that serious.

The main reason, though, is that I didn’t have the rights lens or the right skills yet to make a good piece of “sign” art.

Elements needed to be closer

Wreck Hwy 51 near Lutesville 07-07-1967

Unfortunately, the “Prepare to Meet Thy God” sign was just too small to be read.

This might have been the start of my superstitions and hunches. When I moved to Florida, lots and lots of cars had “Arrive Alive” bumper stickers on them. I shot so many of those things on wrecks they became cliches. I refused to put one on my car because that was just tempting fate.

I did a number of stories about houses that burned down on the day the homeowner brought home a smoke alarm, but held off installing it. I made it a point to ALWAYS put up the smoke alarm with fresh batteries as soon as it hit the door. I didn’t want some photographer doing that story about me.

Hunches and feelings

I also paid attention to “feelings” and hunches. I can think of a couple of times when I started to walk into a hot spot news scene only to turn back to grab my body armor out of the trunk. I never needed it, but I could see myself in a hospital bed wearing all kinds of tubes and wires telling a reporter, “I had this hunch…..” That vision was the convincer.

I pushed the envelope in a lot of situations, but never when I had that bad feeling alarm bell ringing. Well, ALMOST never. I guess you can get away with a certain number of false alarms.