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Woodland Inn 11-07-2013_0110My hunger alarm started going off while we were roaming around Bollinger County shooting Veterans Day photos and the artesian well. Mother said she remembered eating at the Woodland Inn Hotel and Restaurant on the main drag of what used to be called Lutesville, but became Marble hill in 1985.

Flowers (plastic) in the window, salt and pepper shakers at the ready and a rack of sweetener were positive signs. (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

The Woodland is closed and for sale

Woodland Inn 11-07-2013_0136Unfortunately, the next thing I saw was a For Sale sign in the front door. It was closed, and not just for the day.

I ran across a real estate ad that had some information about the property. It was built in 1942 (and appears from the outside to be in good shape).

It is an 11,000-square foot building. 5000 of it is a steak house with buffet serving breakfast that seats 140. Upstairs is about 6000 sq that has 18 rooms to rent as a motel. It has been just remodelled. Building and business all for one price. Great for family investment or family operations. Equipment for a full service restaurant breakfast, lunch, and dinner including a buffet. Motel was recently built and has brand new furnishings.

 Marble is the County Seat in Bollinger County. The business is the only Hotel/Steak House in town and is located in the center of the downtown area.

[If you end up buying the place because you saw it here, tell the real estate agent I want a cut of the commission.]

Good catfish and pie

Woodland Inn 11-07-2013_0139We ended up at a restaurant on the Marble Hill side of Crooked Creek next to the city park. I can’t think of the name of it, but it had excellent catfish and pie worth saving space for.


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  1. You ate at Jer’s. Also very good.
    A Sikeston friend and I used to eat at the Woodland Restaurant every Wednesday until the great flood of ’08, when there was water running in the back of the building like a built-in waterfall. Marble Hill is no place to be during a torrential downpour! Crooked Creek is a fearsome beast at high tide.
    There is a VERY interesting building across the street from the old restaurant. It used to be a bank and has been pain-stakingly restored by Mrs. Ivy (can’t remember her first name.) I took pics during the restoration and always meant to go back when it was done…but I never did.
    She restored that whole block of buildings–even down to the Coca Cola mural on the side!
    The building is now an antique store, but I can never catch it open!
    Marble Hill is a fascinating place. I know you’ve been up the hill to the museum. Wonderful! And the Wicecarver building (on the top of another hill across from the bank) is also being restored! I think it dates from about 1850. I discovered it in my ramblings and did a story on it. (Sometimes I come through on stories…) I’d have to check my notes to remember the owner’s name. It was open during their fall festival this year.

  2. Hmmm…another place I never knew about or went to when I was in Cape… Marble Hill or Lutesville was not on the radar for food. Now that I think about it, the Bollinger County Mill was a place to go, but you never got to all the way to Marble Hill. Ken is right Marble Hill was on the way to Boy Scout camp Camp Lewellen in Silva, MO. but not big deal. Of course the Famous mystery writer Sharon Woods Hopkins lives in the area with her husband, who’s name I seem to have forgotten, but other that…

  3. I’m doing my best to put Bollinger County on the map, Terry, along with my husband, what’s-his-name? Anyhow, we, what’s-his-name and I think that you should purchase the Woodland Steak House. It would become THE go-to place for miles around. You could also serve food.

  4. I was Born in Marble Hill. Lived at Grassy, Mo. from 2 years old to 7 years old and then was out there every weekend after moving to Cape with my Mother and Step-Father to visit with my Mothers parents. Have rode in and on the back of a flatbed logging truck many a trip. My grandfather and his timber partner would haul logs to the timber yard in Lutesville. One time my Uncle and cousins stayed in the hotel deer season and said it was an experience like nothing else. No where near what we have today. wasn’t very much security. I have eaten at the restaurant several time and the food was good. If you are hungry for Barbeque, try Jay’s in marble Hill. You won’t go away Hungary.

  5. This morning I was thinking back as to what I had sent yesterday and discovered I had senior moments,as My Grandfather and working partner wasn’t hauling logs to the Lutesville timber tie yard but timber ties.

  6. Mitchell Jayne from the Andy Griffith Show stayed at the Woodland Inn Hotel in Marble Hill, MO. Does anyone know around about when that was?

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