Girl Scouts of the 60s

Here are a couple of random Girl Scout photos. I think I recognize some girls from the Central High School Class of 1968, but don’t hold me to it. There are girls from Troops 113, 96 and 4, among others.

Beyond that, it’s all a mystery to me. I don’t know why they were all gathered together or where they were.

Trinity Lutheran Church Girl Scout

This young lady is receiving some kind of award at Trinity Lutheran Church. I’m assuming it’s the Girl Scout equivalent of the Boy Scout Pro Deo et Patria award. (Most Protestant Boy Scouts earn the God and Country award; Lutherans have to be different and use the Latin translation.)

The photo was taken March 11, 1967, but I don’t know who the man and girl are.

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    1. Susan,

      Watch this space. I spent the weekend digitizing photos my Brother, mark, and I shot in 1978 inside and outside the building.

      You’ll see inside the bell tower, the clockworks, the pipes of the pipe organ, closeups of the Jesus statue and sad photos of the bleachers being removed from the upper balcony.

      They are probably photos that no one else had ever taken before.

      I’ll have them up as soon as I edit them down to a reasonable number and do some cleanup on them.

  1. Ken,

    I loved seeing the picture of Trinity Lutheran Church. I was only in there when my two cousins had their weddings. I remember it as being very pretty. Thanks.

    1. The girls in that picture may not have hit the Pantyhose Generation yet. They came into general use about that time, but I am told that most stockings of that era were held up by suspension systems similar to what hold up the new Cape bridge.

      Whether they wore them camping was one mystery at least one step beyond anything I ever contemplated.

      I’ll have to let one of the ladies enrich your knowledge.

      One thing I DO know about stocking of that era: they were the bane of photographers using direct flash on camera. The light would bounce off the stocking on a bended knee right back into the camera lens.

  2. The man in the photo was the Assistant Pastor Jerry Erhlich. He was Assistant Pastor with Senior Pastor O. A. Gerken.

  3. I was one of the Girl Scouts in the picture. I don’t remember why we were all together. I remember our troop leaders were Mrs. Pat Diehl and my mother Jeanne Seay. We were together all through school. We took a senior GS trip to New York City and all points between. Some of the girls were Sue Jackson, Sharon Ridings, Robin Young, Mary Lou Rawlings and more. We were an extremely active Girl Scout troop. I have wonderful memories of those days.

  4. Rev. Ehrlich later completed a Ph.D. in Antiquity, became a Plato scholar, and wrote “Plato’s Gift to Christianity”…how Christian apologists wrote the NT in Greek so they could best use Plato’s philosophy as a propaedeutic to present Christian theology to the learned world of antiquity.

  5. Re “Girl Scouts of the 60″s,” I chose not to move beyond the Cadet rank in Girl Scouts, but my troop, Troop 57, consisting of: Lynnette Lewis, Marilyn Wagner, Linda Hudson, Joy Ervin, Karen Points, I think Sandy Martin, Penny ?, Ruth Ann Bartles, maybe Gail Wissman, maybe Robin Kratz, maybe Jackie Ebaugh, and others, etc. was not aligned with any specific church; we were all from various and sundry religious persuasions, and I liked that. Then again, my entire life has been one to thrive on diversity!

  6. We were Cadette Girls Scouts (via our uniforms)–I imagine in seventh or eighth grade. I think Mrs. Pat Diehl (one of the leaders) is standing in the background. Yes, we really did go camping. I don’t remember any panty hose camping–except we did use panty hose to hold the soap bar (to hang as part of a handwashing stand). I guess none of us worried about being too cool then. We just had fun.

  7. Kathleen Lewis, my sister, is the blonde with glasses in the center of the last row of seated girls. Betty Seabaugh is near her. Susan Jackson is 2nd from the left on the front row with blonde Mary Lou Rawlins in the center. Danise Cotner is neatly seated next to Mary Lou in the solid sweater. Robin Young is behind Mary Lou. Sharon Ridings is in the 2nd row on the left. I recognized my sister Kathy and Susan immediately, but Kathy gave me the other names. Penny Brown and I were Senior Scouts for our sisters’ troop for a few years so Carole Brown is probably here also.
    For camping we scouts always had to wear socks and sturdy shoes: no sandals and no flip flops.
    Years later as an adult when I got my license for the inland waterways of Europe (canals, lakes, and rivers) my British Royal Yacht Society instructor was relieved that my husband and I already knew all of our knots. I learned my knots in Girl Scouts in Cape Girardeau not knowing that I would need to know them in 2002 to pass a test in France.

  8. I recognize Danice Cotner, Donna Ray and Deronda Barnes – all in the class of 1969. And one of the Ridings girls from the class of 1968.

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