Track Meet Taping

Track meet c 1965This was one of those technically challenging situations where I didn’t quite measure up to the challenge. The subject is leaning over with his face in the shadows, and the background is full of confusion and clutter.

It’s a nice moment, but I could have done a better job of capturing it. (If I was in one of my Fine Arts classes, I would have tried bluffing: “I made his face dark because I wanted to show him alone with his thoughts.”)

Still, I’m pretty sure it won at least an honorable mention in a photo contest, probably because it was different than most sports action shots.

Spring athletes got shorted

I’ve written before that the students who participated in spring athletics got the short end of the stick. By that time, everybody is focused on getting out of school, and the yearbook has already gone to press, so they won’t get recognition until the following year.

Here are some earlier track and field posts:

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  1. The guy in the picture I believe is my cousin. Richard Rayburn and it’s probably a cross country meet?

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