Time Change Is Killing Me

I grew up in Cape, which is in the Central Time Zone. In 1967, and from there on, I’ve lived in the Eastern Time Zone. That’s an hour of sleep I’ll never get back.

This week, Wife Lila and I have been in the Pacific Time zone. We get up at Pacific Daily Savings Time, which is four hours behind Eastern Time (7 am in Seattle is like Florida’s 10 am). That’s the good news.

It feels like 3 in the morning

The bad news is that we just got in from touring Mt. Rainier National Park at 12:30 am, which feels like like 3:30 am. That’s why you’re getting one picture tonight.

I hope it displays OK. It looks good on the camera’s LCD screen, but editing photos on my laptop is a little iffy. I’ll have more shots if we get home at a decent hour tomorrow (today).

Photo tip stuff

I was shooting standard wideangle shots of the mountain when I noticed this snag of a tree.  I zoomed in on it and exposed for the bark of the tree, which caused the mountain to “blow out” a little bit. By focusing on the tree, the mountain went slightly out of focus. There was a bit of haze, so it wouldn’t have been sharp even if I wanted it to be. There’s enough contrast between the rock and the snow to let you know that it’s a mountain. The setting sun is just catching the tops of some of the trees, which adds a bit of color and is more interesting than if the bottom half of the photo had gone pure black.

9 Replies to “Time Change Is Killing Me”

  1. Having made regular trips from the CDT zone to Seattle, I know of what you speak! Just wait until you get back to FL. Be prepared for some jet lag. LOL

  2. I used to traval from Chicago to London England in teh 70’s all the time for work and going is fine. When you go back form where you were to were you live…well that when it gets interesting…midnight steak and awake a 3:30 am or sleeply at 3:30 pm is the norm.
    But enjoy the NW and take more pictures…you are alot better than most we all take!

  3. How far away do you think the peak was in that photo? That’s one of the things I love Out West, the wide open views that you just can’t get in the eastern U.S.

  4. Beautiful photo! Would have loved to tour Mt Rainier National Park. Couldn’t get it all in. Did Mt Olympis instead. Awesome panaromas and views everywhere out there! Have a safe trip home!

  5. Ken, Great shot of the “snag”. Will try to snag a
    few photos of the mount myself next week. Lots of
    photo-ops up here in the northwest. Hope my ops don’t
    turn to oops. Bill

  6. Ken, I love it. You always find the picture in the picture. Rainier is a classic beauty by itself and one can get caught up in focusing on the distance, being drawn to the mountain itself, missing the picture that is close at hand. Good job!

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