A Football Upset

SEMO Football c 1967Road Warriorette Shari and I rolled into Cape early Sunday evening. The 1,311-mile ride was pretty unexceptional most of the way: weather was good except for some heavy rain Saturday evening and light rain for a couple of hours Sunday morning. We DID see three unusual things Sunday afternoon.

Just south of Nashville, I saw a vehicle pulling a travel trailer slowing to a stop, so I passed him with plenty of room. Just as I got even with him, I saw flames shooting out of the left rear trailer wheel. It took 100 yards or so for me to stop and back down the shoulder to see if he was going to need an extra fire extinguisher. It turned out that he had a wheel bearing lock up, causing the grease to catch fire. Luckily, he noticed it before the tire started burning. The fire went out without us having to do anything; he called for roadside assistance, and I went on my way.

Brake lights and smoke

Near Paducah, I saw brake lights come on, a cloud of smoke and cars swerving. A minivan had blown a driver’s side tire. He, too, made it to the shoulder safely.

Not 30 minutes later, I was passing an 18-wheeler and saw sparks and smoke coming from under the trailer. I slowed in front of the driver, turned on my four-way flashers and motioned for him to pull over. It turned out that his spare tire had come loose and was dragging the ground. The rim bouncing up and down was causing the sparks, and the friction was causing the tire to smoke.

 What does this have to do with football?

SEMO Football c 1967Actually, not a thing. I scanned this photo just before leaving West Palm Beach so I’d have something to post if I got in tired and late. I’m both.

This shows how the same photo can look entirely different depending on if you run it pretty much full frame, like at the top, or cropped in tight. The picture won prizes in Missouri and Ohio press association contests, but I don’t remember anything about what was happening here. You can click on the photos to make them larger.

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  1. Your trip reminded me of our trip to Florida. We went o Cyprus Gardens. It had rain an we waited till it slowed down.As we were leaving we came upon a accident on a curve. An ambulance passed by with no lights on. Two cars had hit head on and were totally destroyed. The next day we started home. Every town we came to we were just minutes from maybe being in an accident. We came upon ne that we could not see the car as it was off the road down an embankment but could here kids crying. As we got into Kentucky we turned at an intersection and had a care pull over in front of us. after we passed we came upon a car that was all over the road. As we came to a curve t crossed the center line and run a care off the road. It was just luck as it got stopped sideways in a driveway to a farmers barn just a couple feet from a utility pole. No one was hurt but there was a family with children in it. Sure was glad to get home after that trip. Took some time to relax before going to bed.

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