Seelitz Valley

This is one of the reasons I’ve been working to document the German communities in Perry County. I showed up at the Altenburg Lutheran Heritage Center and Museum a couple of years ago with my laptop full of photos I had taken in Wittenberg and the area, including some aerials of places I couldn’t identify.

Wilmar Degenhardt happened to be in that day and started looking over my shoulder. Here’s his reaction when he spotted the Seeltiz home he was born in and where he lived until he left for the Navy during World War II.

Video of Seelitz

This will be part of my presentation in October.


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  1. Ken, I needed this today. A beautiful reminder of why I continue to hit the ground running each day to preserve culture in east Perry County. Not my culture, but it is my dear friend, Wilmy’s. When I get tired, like now, I will watch this. Thank you.

  2. Excellent. I love the fact that us here in Southeast Missouri have a history full of different cultures. Perry County has always been one place that has preserved its heritage very well.

    What is interesting to me is the fact that those of Germanic heritage in Perry County are probably closer culturally to 19th century Germans than even the modern Germans themselves. The immigration patterns to our region have always fascinated me.

  3. I saw this on Facebook this morning and I just had to comment. I had the privilege to live in Seelitz Valley for 21 years (1970-1991). I loved that farm and the house that I grew up in. Thanks for sharing this!

  4. My wife’s direct descendant came to Seelitz originally as a pastor who would later sign the FIRST constitution of what would become the LCMS. He came on the same ship as the Walther brothers and was sent to Perry County w/ the Settlers in the 1830s and settled himself in Seelitz with his 1st wife who passed away due to that first winter in Perry County being harsh. I have spoken to Carla about this and I plan on coming down in October for the Fall festival in Frohna.

  5. Just got back from buying your book at the Altrnburg Museum. The new exhibit is beautiful! I could not even pick out my favorite as I like so many of them.I also had the pleasure of meeting Carla and I will see you both on the 16th. Looking forward to your presentation.

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