Then and Kind of Now Exhibit

Cyrus photo of KLS exhibit 07-14-2014_oI mentioned in a couple of posts that Curator Jessica of the Athens County Historical Society & Museum had put in some hurry-up requests for photos she could exhibit. I started bugging her for photos to prove that she had actually put together exhibits using the pictures.

Cyrus Moore III shot a panorama of the panoramas of Athens, Ohio, I took from the Radio and TV building last fall to go along with some cityscapes I had taken in 1969. I was pleased with the way they played off each other. If I remember correctly, the panoramas were about four feet wide and were made up of five or six frames stitched together with Photoshop doing all the heavy lifting. Something that used to take hours in the darkroom is done in about a minute in the computer.

Athens train station

Ken Steinhoff photo exhibit Athens County Historical Society Musuem 07-14-2014Jessica and company did a nice job pulling together my photos of the Athens train station to go with a couple of older shots. I spent quite a few hours at that station going to and from Cape by rail and waiting for boxes from Railway Express. The building is still there and is in good condition.

Train station today

Athens train station 01-24-2013I wish more of the old train stations could have been maintained this well.

Court Street

Ken Steinhoff photo exhibit Athens County Historical Society Musuem 07-14-2014Court Street is one of two main streets in uptown Athens. Jessica’s photos picked up some bad reflections from the plexiglass, but you can still get a sense that most of the buildings have stayed the same over the past 100+ years.

I posted the whole set of photos I sent her to consider if you’d like to see better examples of them.

That looks like the same spot

Ken Steinhoff photo exhibit Athens County Historical Society Musuem 07-14-2014One of her interns said, “That looks like it was taken from the same spot,” referring to the photo at the bottom of Curator Jessica and Carol Towarnicky walking to lunch on a snowy day in October of last year. I didn’t take the top photo, but I bet the photographer was, like me, on that corner killing time waiting for the light to change.

A display with spirit

Ken Steinhoff photo exhibit Athens County Historical Society Musuem 07-14-2014I mentioned the other day the hurry-up request for photos of the first beers being served at the student union back in 1969. She threw up this window display to help promote the Historic Tavern Tours the museum does as part of the 9th Annual Ohio Brew Week Festival.

You can see better examples of the photos here.

Passes the meter maid test

Ken Steinhoff photo exhibit Athens County Historical Society Musuem 07-14-2014Jessica says she knows her displays works when the meter maid stops to check it out.


3 Replies to “Then and Kind of Now Exhibit”

  1. *Curator Jessica’s Disclaimer* I promise these two exhibits look better in person, just in case anyone is going to be in Athens in the next few months. I sent Ken a couple of quickie shots from my phone so that he would stop nagging me and I could get back to goofing off, or whatever it is curators do all day besides harass innocent photographers.

  2. Dude! I didn’t know you had more train-related pictures in your arsenal. They look like some neat pictures. One of the reasons that many train depots were not preserved is that municipalities continued to assess property tax to the railroads for the structures. As their usefulness to the railroads declined, the railroads razed them rather than pay taxes on them. Such is the plight of many older buildings; property taxes doom them.

    1. Keith,

      I have LOTS of train photos. I thought you were only interested in the Frisco area.

      Most of the pix I have are of train derailments, usually due to poor maintenance by the B&O in Ohio.

      I’ve done passenger train rides; ridden in the locomotive of a local freight, spent time with a T&S gang in Florida…

      I’ve got hundreds, if not thousands of train pix, now that I think of it.

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