W. M. Adkins Family c 1883

WM Adklins family c 1883I don’t know how many times I’ve typed, “While searching for something else, I ran across…” Here it comes again.

This is a scan of a photograph that was in pretty bad shape. At the bottom it says, I think, “W.M. Adkins and Family taken August 19, 1883 (or 93 or 88).” (Click on the photos to make them larger.)

That porch looks a little like one Mother was photographed on when she was a little girl. I’ll have to dig those photos out to check.

Tillman Cemetery

Tillman cemetery and church 11-15-2010Over the years, I asked Mother to take me around to all the cemeteries that contain family members. In 2010, we visited Pleasant Hill Cemetery, which she always called “Tillman Cemtery,” named after the tiny Stoddard county community that had been there. It had a post office from 1883 to 1906.

It was also called Tilman, with one “L,” probably for John Tilman, the first postmaster.

W.M. and Mary O. Adkins

The stone Mother is standing behind marks the final resting place of W.M. and Mary O. Adkins. Willis M. Adkins was born in Indiana in May 13, 1858, and died March 3, 1923. Mary Ollie Overbey Adkins was born May 8, 1863, and died July 6, 1938.

I’m assuming they were her grandparents on her mother’s side. I sure wish I had paid more attention while we were walking through the cemetery.

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  1. ken,
    When my mother died we were left with a plastic file tote with lots of genealogy information. I organized everything into a structured book so that all family members now and in the future will have the material. If you want one, I will send you one complimentary. It might give you some ideas in the event that you decide to do the same thing. I just need your address or you can call me and give it to me. 319-621-3059
    Don Beussink

  2. I’ve always spelled it “Tillman,” but it might actually be “Tilman.” I can never pin Juanita Holder down…
    One good thing, Ken–We don’t ever have to worry about this cemetery flooding, since it’s securely located on Crowley’s Ridge!

  3. I love these old pictures and have some that I have no idea who they are, or where it is ? My family has mostly all passed on !

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