K. Robinson’s Canteen

K Robinson canteenI shared with you yesterday’s repair adventures and Brother Mark’s owies. For the record, he claims that I miscounted: his thumb and the hammer had FOUR, not three unfortunate encounters. Score: hammer 4, thumb 0.

Sunday’s challenge was to fix the upstairs and the basement toilets that had been running at random times. The ghost flusher was causing Mother’s water bill to go sky-high and probably contributed to the low water levels in the Mississippi River below Cape.

If you’re reading this to hear how the plumbing project came out, you can quit right now. Let’s just say that it took one trip to Ace Hardware, one trip to Wife Lila’s Brother John and one trip to Lowes for supplies and to use their restroom. I’m not ready to elaborate tonight.

Uneasy on the throne

One of the tasks involved me looking above the false ceiling in the basement bathroom to the floor below the upstairs bathroom. Having graced that upstairs throne many, many times in the past, I’m surprised that I didn’t start out sitting in the upstairs bathroom and end up looking up at the ceiling in the basement. But, that’s a story for another time.

I’ll document some of the artifacts we uncovered later, but I want to tell K. Robinson of Troop 8 that we found his canteen. I’m assuming that it belongs to reader Keith Robinson who was a member of Trinity Lutheran’s Troop 8 with my brothers.

Keith, you may reclaim your canteen by stopping by Mother’s house at your convenience.


5 Replies to “K. Robinson’s Canteen”

  1. I wonder if K. Robinson still has his receipt for Buckner-Ragsdale for the canteen? If not, I am not sure you should give it back to him, unless he looks very honest.

    1. That’s not an official BSA canteen, so it may not have come from Buckner-Ragsdale. That could very well be why it’s been hidden away all these years: Troop 8 had standards. Rather than drum K Robinson out of the Troop, Dad maybe just made it “disappear” to keep him from being shamed in front of his peers.

  2. WOW! I remember when we purchased that canteen at the Country Store. My dad said that the official Boy Scout canteen was too expensive compared to one that he had seen at the Country Store, so that’s what I ended up with. It was probably left in one of your dad’s vehicles after a campout or summer camp at Camp Lewallen. It may have been lost by my younger brother, Karl, later after I was too old to be in Boy Scouts.

    I’ll be down to Cape the first week of March and pick up the relic then.

    1. I may or may not still be in town then. I have to be back in FL by March 6. If not, I’ll leave it where Mother can find it. Your dad may have saved money on the canteen, but wait until you see the storage charges that have accrued over the years.

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