I’m Skating for Awhile

Skates in Kingsway atticI took advantage of a relatively cool day to venture up into the attic. Brothers Mark and David are coming to town the week of September 20 to, as Mark euphemistically puts it, “declutter the house.”

I’m going to ease off a few days to give me more time to root through and set aside stuff that I think has sentimental or historical value. It’s hard to realize, but this’ll be the last chance I’ll have to do that.

We’re not putting the house on the market until the spring unless something changes, so, except for a couple of quick trips back to Florida, I’ll be in Cape for the duration. When the house sells, it’ll probably mark the end of my Cape chapter, and maybe my Cape book.

Bring your own skate key

I’ll be posting more photos of treasures like these as we come upon them. Niece Laurie Everett of Annie Laurie’s Antique Shop is going to work with us, so you will have lots of opportunities to own some Steinhoff Originals.

You will need to find your own skate key, unfortunately. I didn’t see one in the box.

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  1. This is a very tough process. I had to go through most of it by myself because my brother died before he got a chance to help go through very much of the Seabaugh archives and clutter. His children had the gargantuan task of going through all of his stuff and preparing for an auction. He, like myself inherited the “save too much stuff gene”, and things that he considered important didn’t make the cut. The auction was a big disappointment dollar wise. I have tried to pack and label things that I think my nephews and neice and their children might find interesting or of value. I have insisted that they take some items now so I can see them enjoy some of the family items.
    I know you will do a very thorough job of preparing the family items and it really is a labor of love as you touch each item and wonder why your parents saved some of the items.

  2. It is ruff process to declutter and finally say goodbye to items your parents touched, bought, used and saved for their whole lives. I did with my mom and dad’s place on 1624 Oak Hills. I tried to give away anything and everything, but people in this day and time seem to have most everything and old stuff sometimes is just old stuff. I still and sorting thru old pictures and items almost a year after selling the house. Strange you mention Auntie Laurie, she staged the auction at my mom and dad’s house and just got another check yesterday for items she took to her store after the sale to sell. I was very pleased on how she ran the sale and follow up. If you like, to you see my old house that I lived in while I was in Cape. This is the last time I was in my old home.


  3. It is a hard process. I still have some boxes of my mom’s things that I brought home from Cape to go through a second time. My mom has been gone 13 years. I feel sorry for my children, as I have the “save too much stuff” gene too.

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