High Chair, High Waters

Elsie Adkins Welch, Mark and LV Steinhoff eating winter watermelon at kitchen table March 1961Neighbors Bill and Rhonda and I went down to Dutchtown Monday afternoon. While we were there, I opened some mostly-empty sheds that hadn’t seen light (except for a hole in the roof) for years. Most everything of value had been taken out of them a long time ago, and whatever contents that remained had floated and rearranged themselves in the various floods since 1973. Stuff that could rust had rusted; stuff that could rot or fall apart had done just that; everything had a thick or thin patina of river mud sticking to it.

As I was playing a flashlight beam around, Rhonda said, “That’s a high chair under there.”

Indeed, it was. It was the very yellow high chair that Brother Mark was sitting in back in March of 1961. That’s my grandmother, Elsie Welch on the left. Dad, engrossed in one of my comic books, is on the right. Looks like we were having some combination of brownies, milk, barbecue sandwiches (made on the grill in the background, where our microwave lives today), and iced tea.

It’s still in pretty good shape

Mark Steinhoff's high chair - Dutchtown 08-17-2015I was surprised to see it was in better shape than I would have thought. The metal tray that Mark used to bang his cup on like he was in a B-Grade prison movie would still slide on and off. The legs have some rust on them, but I don’t know if that’s from the Mississippi River or my brother’s leaky diapers.

You might just see this at Annie Laurie’s Antique Shop one of these days, Lord willin’ and the rivers don’t rise.

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  1. Ken, three things in the photo are familiar; their facsimiles were also present in our family. The high chair is identical to the one my brother and I used. The tumblers with the stripes and the clown cookie jar are identical to ones my grandmother had.

  2. Our family had the same chair. Six of us circulated through it. Reminded of how it matched that yellow-topped kitchen table. Very ‘in’ at the time.

  3. I still have my wooden high chair and my 3 kids and 3 grands have all used it! And it’s going to be used again soon….And the stripped glasses look familiar! I’m sure you have a lot of things that might be seen one day soon at Annie Lauries!!

  4. Still have the cookie jar at my house and use it.
    Still have the fiesta plates at my house and use them daily.

    I think it is interesting WHO is reading the comic book.

    Good times.

  5. Looks like those barbecue sandwiches were made ala Blue Hole or Wib’s since the sandwich grill is open in the background. We’ve never found that method used anywhere else for barbecue.

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