Computer Is Still Oinked

Clouds over Cadiz KY 10-14-2012

We’re still fighting the computer issue. Since it was down, I took the opportunity to not set my alarm. I had to drain off some nitrogenous waste around 7:30, but I went back to bed and didn’t see daylight until 11:43 a.m. Except that it interferred with my mid-morning nap, I could get used to that.

Once I dug into the computer problem again, storm clouds started swirling. (Figurative storms clouds. These actual clouds were taken over Cadiz, Ky. in 2012).

Geeks were busy

Slaying my dragons would have been easy had I known what I was doing, but I was cautious because I didn’t want to mess up anything that wasn’t messed up in the process of solving Issue 1.

Kid Adam had been up all night doing a migration of his own, so he didn’t check in until he was groggily heading back home from the Miami data center. He suggested I put in two new 2-terabyte drives and do a restore from backyup, rather than rebuilding the mirror.

Kid Matt didn’t finish a 130-mile bike ride (actually 129.56 miles) until mid-afternoon, so he wasn’t in much of a mood to stop by, understandably.

I’m hoping Matt can swing by tomorrow, tell me that it’s OK to push this button and select this option without launching a palm tree or causing the shower to blow up.

Remember this big ball

Click Here Amazon 300x300 My RAID FailedClick on the big red Amazon button when you order stuff online. That helps me keep feeding hard drives into my computer and it doesn’t add anything to your cost.


3 Replies to “Computer Is Still Oinked”

  1. Hopefully this broken mirror doesn’t result in seven years of bad luck. I can understand your frustration especially since in the process of replacing a crashed system drive, I mistakenly formatted (at that time) my only data drive with approximately 140Gb of photos, videos and other data. Some of it was lost forever,a but the biggest portion existed here and there on CDs that I had burnt. I just had to rummage in a lot of places to come up with it. RAID arrays have become part of my routine, but I need to build a BIG one, although you have me beat by light-years.

  2. Well my new Samsung Note II phone died…no phone until Thursday…I have insurance so FREE, I guess…BUT NO PHONE!

  3. I feel your pain, Ken and Terry. My computer refused to fully connect to the Internet today so I didn’t get the newsletter out. After three phone calls with remote resets, the ETC Techs decided my computer was to blame so I shut everything down. I came back in at 4:30 to try one more time and voila! it works. Makes me wonder if the diagnosis of Bad Mac was erroneous. I’ll try again tomorrow to get the newsletter going but if you don’t get it, it’s the Internet disconnect again.

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