A Letter to Mother

Birthday Season Exemption

I’m getting a fileserver upgrade, so my computer will be dark for a few days, which would be a problem because Mother’s birthday will fall within that period. Fortunately, I can post this under the Birthday Season Exemption.

My family, for better or worse, is made up of packrats who saved stuff that would be considered inconsequential to most folks. While going through an envelope of greeting, birthday, sympathy and get-well cards, I ran across this snippet of a letter I had written to Mother from Ohio University, probably in 1967.

I’m glad she saved it (and that I found it)

I don’t know what triggered me to write it, but I’m glad I did. I didn’t do that enough to people who are important to me.

Maybe I was trying to recover for letting Mother’s Day slip past me the first year at OU. Trust me, that never happened again.

7 Replies to “A Letter to Mother”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I’m sure there are innumerable parents who would love to have received such a message from their child.
    Gerald Richards

  2. This is absolutely lovely. I love uncovering old letters, journals, and photos. I stumbled upon your page because I’m doing some research for my first graduate school project–yikes! If you have a few moments to spare, would you be so kind as to answer a question or two? It’s about your post featuring “Fundamentals of Grammar”–the green reference book from the 1960’s. (I have a copy, too, and it’s the topic of my project!) Thank you so much for considering. All the best — Katie Ray (Houston, TX–though my entire family is from Missouri!)

      1. Thank you so much! Do you have an email address I could send a few questions to? If you’d rather not post it publicly, please feel free to email me at ksloopray@gmail.com. Or, if posting the questions here is easier for you, just let me know. Thanks, again!

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