What Was Social Living Class?

Central High School classroom c 1965I gave these photos a file name of “Speech Class” because I saw the National Forensic League (NFL) logo in the back of the room. Then, I looked at the students, most of whom are in the Class of 1965, and didn’t see a large number of debaters.

The bulletin board display, with its front pages from U.S. News & World Report and Newsweek got me thinking Current Events. (The facing portraits on the board look more like Calvin Chapman than JFK.) There are also lots of stories tacked up that may be Senior Spotlights from The Tiger.

Social Living Clue

Central High School classroom c 1965My thinking changed when I saw the textbooks on the desks of Cheri Huckstep and Paul Schwab. They say “Social Living.” I can’t remember, for the life of me, what that class was about. Was that another name for Civics?

Photo gallery

You should have fun putting names to faces. I recognize lots of folks, but I’m going to give you the opportunity to make guesses so I don’t have to make corrections. Click on any photo to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery. (Check out the street scene out the window of the vertical shot with Lynn Latimore in it. I bet you can ID the businesses in the background.)

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  1. I didn’t go to Central, and I graduated from College High in 67, but I often know people in the pictures. I often know them from Campus grade school, St. Vincent’s church or from SEMO. Mike Schlimme is in the second row in the white shirt, behind the guy in the preppy sweater – isn’t he? Havne’t seen him in years. Anyone knows where he and his brother Roger are these days?

  2. Mike Smith in picture 1# behind Lynn Latimore (maybe). Paul Schwab was the only guy I knew that could dance int the Tiger Den and not be laughed at…the Dude could dance. Randy Morse in the front row pciture 2# and of course all the guys and gals you ID’ed…
    great shots.

  3. It snowed another 5″ today. I have a serious case of cabin fever and no where to go. So here’s my list. Row 1: Pat Wright, ??, Glenda Pierce, Jackie Schwab ??
    Row 2: Paul Schwab, Mike Schlimme, ??, ??, William Cracraft
    Row 3: Cheri Huckstep, Peggy Estes, ??, ??, Doug Voelker
    Row 4: Randy Morse, Anola Stowick, ??, James DeBoe, ?? Brad Wilson
    Row 5: Mike Pind, Mike Floyd, Beverly Cross, ??, ??, Sheri Stiver
    Row 5: Lynne Latimore, Mike Smith, Terry Huckstep, Ken McNeely, Lonnie Blackwell, John David Finch.

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