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2015 CHS Reunion 08-01-2015I was going to write something profound about the 2015 reunion, but I need to let my thoughts simmer for awhile.

Maybe it’s my family’s brush with mortality lately; maybe it’s looking at that looping series of photos of our classmates who have graduated to the next level; maybe it’s just that the doggone stairs in the Arena building seem steeper than they used to. So, rather than post the rather melancholy thoughts that are floating around in my head right now, let’s just go straight to some happy pictures of the celebration we had.

2015 Reunion photo gallery

Click on any picture to make it larger, then use your arrow keys to move through the gallery. There are a lot of images of the photographer herding cats to set up the group shots. I’ll add that job to the list of career opportunities to avoid.

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures. Sorry I missed seeing you at BG’s. but it was great to see those who made it.

  2. Dear Ken,
    Wow…. those pictures are excellent… in quality and composition! as is your standard professional fare. However, need I point out the OBVIOUS.. that your “envious & resentful” tendencies are showing again. What OTHER EXPLANATION could there be for taking that many pictures WITHOUT INCLUDING: MagnumPU Terry Hopkins, Daring & Dashing Dickie McClard, or your’s truly – Brune Time Brad??? You couldn’t have missed the three of us because there were small crowds of admirers surrounding each of us everywhere we went during the reunion. So we must come to the sad conclusion – that just because we are not men of “letters’, university professors, museum curators, or fellow photography aficionados – you don’t consider us “worthy” of your few remaining kodachrome rolls of film! You can behave like a very “small man” Dr. Ken Steinfeld. (in all ways other than your physical stature – of course).
    Brune Time Opinion.

    1. Mr. Brune, Sir, I can only offer the defense the highway patrolman gave to a motorist who complained that he was the only one of a bunch of cars that was pulled over for speeding: “If I shoot up into a flock of ducks, I don’t expect ALL the birds to fall out of the sky.”

      I also need to point out that Misters Hopkins and McClard were immortalized on Saturday.

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