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Back in May, I published a gallery of photos of shop classes at Central High School, along with some of my musings about my mechanical ability. It didn’t get much response.

I just found more photos of what I assume is auto shop class. I don’t remember Central having this large a workshop, so I’ll let someone tell me what school it is if it’s not Central.

Gallery of auto shop photos

Click on a photo to make it larger, then click on the left or right side to move through the gallery.

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  1. Good Eye Van!….I missed this picture of Albert Estes before…I remember him as great Athlete. He was one of those people that had two names, always Albert Estes, never just Albert. Although he did have another nick name we used at times…
    I ran into to him 30 thirty ago with his kids at Younghouse Fireworks (the warehouse south on old 61 towards the airport., I told his kids were with him I told them all what great guy and great Athlete he was…the kids were like deer in the headlights to me…but then looked at Albert and said is this guy right…Albert just noded and said…”Yep I was pretty good, in my day”.

  2. Ken—
    This program was in the “T” building (temporary) and was the beginning of the Career and Technology Center before it moved to its new facilities at 301 N. Clark Avenue. The building is now home to the Cape Public School System’s maintenance department.

  3. I had study hall last hour, so I would check out and go to shop to work on my 1957 Chevy. I recognize Terry Bock and Albert Estes. Albert’s nickname was “Tubby” and Terry’s was “Bill Buck”, silly I know, but cool back then.

  4. There were 3 class rooms “T-Buildings. The shop was a seperate building on the east end. Spent half of my senior year there. Mr. Mac was our fearless leader who had the patients of Job which was needed when dealing with all of us.

  5. Ken: Those are some great photos of the Auto Mechanics building. I was in the Auto Body Building across the lot from there and one time they put 2 fronts of a 56 Ford together and I think you can find a picture of it in one of the yearbooks. There was some fast cars built there and it was a fun class too. I guess I missed the other pictures you had from Auto Mechanics but anyway there are a lot of good memories when you didn’t have to have a computer to work on a car and the repair bills were cheaper too.
    Thanks for all the work you do!!!!!!!

  6. Ken: This is the Auto shop at Central and this is the way it looked from the Lockers where they kept their coveralls. Mr McNeely taught it for (I don’t know how many years) then Ray seyer taught the class after Mr McNeely retired.

  7. that one picture is albert estes,john rastel,and me larry kaempfer working on johns 55 chevy,and yes I am still digging hot rods to this day !

  8. ken do remember taking a picture of a 1934 ford hot rod pickup at my aunts gararage for me
    during highschool,it,s the only picture ever takin of it .???

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