Arena Park Stock Car Scuffle

Not all of the action happened ON the track at the Arena Park stock car races. Police officers break up a dust-up along the sidelines.

Nobody seems particularly worked up about the scuffle. Even the guy getting stuffed into the police car seems to be taking it in stride. Things were a lot more casual in those days. I can’t imagine a cop letting a perp get his hand that close to his sidearm today.

I think one of these photos may have won a minor prize in a Missouri Press Association contest, which says more about the quality of the competition and the dearth of spot news in the state than it does about the quality of the pictures.

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  1. Good shots…and I don’t recognize a soul…well maybe the big police guy is Mr. Wilson, Brad willson’s dad. You are right no one seems to be too upset and no cuffs on the perp either…better have Van do critque on the police work here not me.
    I does seem the crowd is giving their “two cents” on the situation but the perp does not seem to be getting too much help. I guess in those olden days if the cops came and got you, you deserved it! That was that, end of story. No lawyer got you outin 5 minutes. You sat in jail until the next morning. The next morning the judge yelled and you for being and idiot in the park and then you went home.
    Now that I think about it…not a bad system.

  2. Brads dad went by “Dub” Wilson he was there for many years. It appears that the arrestee is resisting and that smirk probably preceded a tirade of lees than complimentary remarks. It would not surprise me to learn the some of these drivers raced while intoxicated. In police jargon it would becalled “RWI”

    1. I remember someone in the office saying, “Looks like Dub must have gotten down in the dirt.”

      Someone else said, “Nah, that’s the way Dub’s uniform always looks.”

  3. I don’t recognize anyone, but I sure remember those races as a child. My dad, Jim Blyze, helped in the Pit area/flag area and always played the Star Spangled Banner. The Old Fellows took tickets!! Our box seat was the second one in. What great memories!

    1. Hey Karen,
      Its Doug Blumer. I have thought of you and your family a million times. I ran into Steve in Navy many years ago but lost track of him immediately. If you don’t mind, I’d love to catch up with you. I live north of San Francisco.

  4. Charlie Herbst, I was looking at the pictures and saw him and said to myself, that looks like Jimmy Foeste. Naw, I don’t remember him being out there when we were kids but I guess he was. You confirmed my suspicions.

  5. If you look just behind the big guy, center stage, with the cigarette you will see someone falling to the ground. I don’t remember ANY altercations during our racing days there.

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