1963 Charleston Debate Trophy

1963 Charleston Debate trophy

Looks like the Central High School Debate Club had a good run at the Charleston tournament in 1963.

From left to right, Calvin Chapman, advisor, projecting his JFK persona; Fred Wilferth, principal and co-owner of the Jackson skating rink; John Mueller, my freshman debate partner; Bill Wilson, the other candidate who was beaten like a drum by Jim Feldmier in our run for Student Body President; Rick Meinz and Mike “Dink” Daniels. You can see a tiny, tiny me taking the photo reflected in the window inside the door.

“Meinz would rat me out”

I can remember being at a state student congress in Jeff City and passing a note to Dink that a couple gals from Sikeston or Charleston or somewhere wanted us to go to dinner. “I’d love to,” he responded, “but Meinz would rat me out to Bunny [his girlfriend].”

You can tell by the mischievous expression on Rick’s face that he would have done it in a heartbeat, too.

5 Replies to “1963 Charleston Debate Trophy”

  1. There is no doubt Meinz would have ratted you in 30 seconds. Besides WHO would want to go out with Charleston girls if you were from CAPE anyway. St.Louis girls or Kennett girls, yes in a heartbeat, but Charleston girls, no way.
    That is a mighty fine trophy and I do remember the PA announcement saying Central High School won the debate tourney in Charleston and the whole class beaming with Central High School pride…or maybe that was another announcement.

  2. I think that was the announcement that school was being let out early because of bad weather. Did they give out varsity letters for being on the debate team?

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