Tower of Memories a Bird House

Tower of Memories - Memorial Park 06-27-2013When Friend Anne was in town, Buddy Bill invited us to lunch. His ulterior purpose was to determine if Anne was real or a figment of my imagination. Anne accepted the invitation because she wanted to find out the same thing about Bill.

After a nice lunch with Bill, his Wife Sharon and some other friends, Bill invited himself along for a tour of Cape. Along the way, Anne got thirsty and we ended up at Sonic, where they each ordered limeades. These were NOT the limeades we used to get at Pfister’s. Let’s just leave it at that.

Anne hears something inside the tower

I’ve always like the Tower of Memories at Memorial Garden, so we made a swing by there. (I covered the history of the tower and gardens in 2010.)

While we were walking around the landmark structure, Anne said, “There are noises coming from inside – and the door is screwed shut from the outside.” Anne isn’t the kind of person who spooks easily: she’s a Texan, after all, a fact she references frequently.

Bill and I crept closer and discovered that Anne was right. We COULD hear strange scratching and beating noises and something else coming from inside the sealed building.

I just have to outrun Bill

Tower of Memories - Memorial Park 06-27-2013

I took a close look at my two friends and calculated that I didn’t have to be faster than Anne; I just had to be faster than Bill if something came busting out like in a bad horror flick.

Anne, using her well-honed Texas tracking skills, figured out what was happening. She spotted some broken windows on the side of the tower that allowed birds to fly in and out. Based on the amount of bird – let’s say guano – on the window sill, it looks like they’ve been doing it for quite some time.

I waited to capture a photo of one of the winged invaders, but Bill’s choice of shirts kept the poor creatures cowering inside.

2 Replies to “Tower of Memories a Bird House”

  1. I bet this scene will be in BOTH these authors new books,with modifications of course…
    Bill’s book will have the noise coming from a tied up victim and Anne’s new book will have the noise being…well this is G rated blog so you can guess on that too!
    When you think about it , what better place for either scene, it’s in a castle, it’s in a quiet area, and no one looks in a cemetery for either of those two things!

  2. If I had lived up to my fearless Texan tradition, I’d have pried open that front door. We DID look at it, remember?
    But I could envision a giant swoop of Hitchcockian birds flying into our faces had we succeeded.
    In retrospect, I’m glad we refrained from breaking and entering.
    BTW: I enjoyed my Sonic cherry limeade tremendously. You guys don’t know good ades when they are staring you in the face.

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